Post-graduate studies
“Managerial accounting CUE-DMA"

CUE – CIMA common programme path

The Department of Financial Accounting of the Faculty of Finance and Law of the Cracow University of Economics, in cooperation with The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), is launching a subsequent edition of post-diploma studies: Managerial Accounting CUE-DMA. Enrolment in the 1th edition of the prestigious studies commenced on 16 June 2019. Classes are scheduled to begin on 25 October 2019.

Target groups of students

The condition for admission to post-graduate studies Management Accounting CUE-DMA is to obtain a certificate at the Cert level. BA (Certificate in Business Accounting).

Post-diploma studies Management Accounting CUE-DMA are designed for the employees of various enterprises and financial institutions operating in a business environment. In particular, the educational offering is designed for managerial staff, management accounting professionals, financial analysts, employees of financial and accounting divisions, financial managers, controllers, employees of controlling departments, and all those interested in the use of broadly understood accounting in management.

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Objectives and characteristics of the study programme

The post-diploma studies aim to provide knowledge and skills in the area of management accounting and financial accounting for the needs of supporting business management processes. Gaining modern knowledge enables students to better understand business financial processes and to acquire skills and competences focused on various forms of analytical work, the interpretation of financial and accounting data as well as managerial decision making processes.

The implemented study program will enable obtaining theoretical knowledge in the field of managerial accounting, in particular:

  •  • management accounting and controlling theory,
  •  • modern cost accounting systems,
  •  • measuring the achievements of enterprises and institutions,
  •  • business value management concepts and models,
  •  • budgeting activities of enterprises and institutions,
  •  • computer-assisted management accounting and controlling,
  •  • management and non-financial reporting,
  •  • financial accounting,
  •  • risk management and decision making in conditions of uncertainty,
  •  • areas of accounting and controlling applications.

The program of studies is compliant with the standards of the CIMA Institute (The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) at the CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting level.

The complete CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting syllabus includes four modules:

  •  • E1 – Organizational Management.
  •  • F1 – Financial Reporting and Taxation.
  •  • P1 – Management Accounting.
  •  • OCS – Operational Level Case Study.

Under the agreement between the Cracow University of Economics and CIMA, the completion of the postgraduate program "Managerial accounting UEK-DMA" exempts from two examinations (E1, F1).

Students of post-graduate studies at the University of Economics in Kraków obtain a Certificate of Diploma in Management Accounting issued by CIMA after passing internal examinations in Polish and two external examinations P1 and OSC English and paying appropriate fees in accordance with the official list of CIMA fees and meeting the requirements set out in a separate regulations of studies.

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Programme of studies

Subjects taught in the framework of the postgraduate program "CUE-DMA Managerial Accounting" correspond to the following scope of individual CIMA modules:

1. Advanced Management Accounting (includes Capital and Operating Budgeting) 15 h 3
2. Cost Accounting and Cost Management 15 h 3
3. Investment and Portfolio Management 10 h 2
4. Risk management 10 h 2
5. Decision Making in Risk Conditions and Uncertainty 10 h 2
1. Advanced Financial Accounting 15 h 3
2. International Financial Reporting Standards 35 h 4
3. Tax Law and Corporate Tax Strategies (Fundamentals of Business Taxation) 10 h 2
4. Financial Analysis and Financial Planning 10 h 2
5. Management of Net Working Capital 10 h 2
6. Corporate Governance (Regulatory Environment for Financial Reporting and Corporate Governance) 10 h 2
1. Management of The Organization and Business Model 20 h 3
2. Financial Management (include Managing the Finance Function) 15 h 3
3. Marketing 10 h 2
4. Business Proces Outsourcing (BPO) 10 h 2
5. Human Resources Management 15 h 3
6. Managing Technology and Information 10 h 2
7. Operations Management (Enterprise Management) 15 h 3
8. Accounting for financial instrument 15 h 3
1. Exam technique session 20 h 0
2. Business English
10 h 2
285 h 50 pkt

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Duration and number of hours

2 semesters, 285 hrs.

Postgraduate studies will be part-time (classes on Saturdays and on Fridays or Sundays). The length of post-graduate studies is 285 hours. The duration of postgraduate studies is two semesters.

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Requirements for completing the study programme

As part of postgraduate studies, 20 lecture subjects will be realized, within which theoretical content and practical examples will be presented. Individual exams end with the writing of the test, written form and case study (depending on the subject). At the end of the course, students take the final oral exam.

The condition for obtaining a diploma of completion of postgraduate studies is presence in classes, as well as positive marks from semester exams and final exams and passing external examinations (P1 and OCS) in the CIMA standard.

Studies do not require, according to separate legal regulations, to write a diploma thesis.

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Management and organizational care

Head of postgraduate studies

dr hab. Mariusz Andrzejewski, prof. UEK
Department of Financial Accounting
phone: 602 302 460

Scientific care

dr hab. Mariusz Andrzejewski, prof. UEK
dr hab. Bogusława Bek-Gaik

Organizational care

mgr Bogusław Wacławik
Department of Financial Accounting
phone: 791 991 285

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Time framework

The planned date of starting the studies: November 10, 2018 (condition: minimum 15 students). In the case of receiving less than 15 applications, the next edition is planned for March 2019. Classes will take place on Fridays from 16.30-20.30 and on Saturdays from 9.00-16.45 (in exceptional situations on Sundays from 9.00 to 13.00).

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Required documents

  •  • personal data form, available on the University’s home page, and a statement giving a consent for personal data processing,
  •  • application card, available on the University’s home page, when an applicant is recommended by a company or institution,
  •  • a copy of the diploma of higher education (original for inspection), and the certificate of Certificate Business in Accounting issued by CIMA,
  •  • two ID photos,
  •  • declaration on having been acquainted with CIMA regulations,
  •  • a statement on English language competences necessary for sitting an external examination,
  •  • a copy of ID (both sides),
  •  • confirmation of payment of the registration fee in the amount of 50 PLN.

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Price for post-graduate studies

PLN 8,500 + PLN 50 recruitment fee to the account of the University of Economics in Cracow. You can pay in installments.

Bank account number:

Alior Bank S.A.: 97 2490 0005 0000 4600 8396 5178

with the note: UEK-DMA managerial accounting.

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Contact and registration

dr hab. Mariusz Andrzejewski, prof. UEK
Department of Financial Accounting
phone: 602 302 460

mgr Bogusław Wacławik
Department of Financial Accounting
phone 791 991 285

Department of Financial Accounting
ul. Rakowicka 27, 31-510 Kraków
room 502, pavilion F
phone: 12 2935 646
phone/fax 12 2935 041
Monday - Friday 9:00 - 15:00

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